Saturday, February 23, 2013

Creating {Cup}cakes

I've noticed a couple "cupcakery" shops in our area, and I think the craze is spreading fast. Who doesn't love a custom cupcake flavored to your liking? However, they aren't cheap. So, in anticipation of a snow day last week, I decided to try to make my own custom cupcakes for my favorite boys. They like chocolate cake with white frosting. I had some old parchment triangles from when I took my cake decorating class. Here's what I came up with:

Not too bad, and they were quite delicious. I do, however, wonder if the $2.75 each price tag is worth NOT having a couple dozen of these babies in my house! Dangerous!

I do love to decorate cakes! Here are a few of my favorite creations:
Elmo & Cookie Monster; love the goldfish for Dorothy! The eyes are powdered doughnuts.

Sponge Bob; this is a HUGE cake, and I think my best! I used yellow decorating gel to make the sponge dots.

This golf cake is a 9x13 cake with a half sphere golf ball popping from the cake.

My son Cameron asked for blue and green lightsabers fighting with the blue winning. No problem! This cake was before my decorating class, but it is still one of my favorites!

My most recent cake for my niece Lily! Love Minnie!
I've done hockey, baseball, basketball, race cars, and trains...yes, I am a mom of boys!

Happy Creating!

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glorygirl said...

Soooooo cool! Just do NOT let my son see the lightsaber cake. LOL!!!!